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Tina has MADE yoga for me.

“My sanity, at the best and worst of times, is there because I have committed time to yoga and or meditation and Tina is the reason I keep coming back.”

– Larissa Beaudin, Registered Nurse, Regina SK


Highlight of my week!

“On a recent trip I took a yoga class and the instructor told me she could tell my practice was being led by a really good instructor. Tina’s classes are a highlight of my week and I am grateful for her guidance and helping me connect mind body and soul.”

– Amanda, Executive Director, Charitable Organization

Like being surrounded by a warm glowing light.

“Her strength and light find their way into your life through her classes, her quotes and her shavasana. Thank you Tina.”

– Nicky Jacobsz, Family physician, Sydney Australia

I wasn't so sure about online yoga...

“I instantly fell in love with insights, her openness and the kindness you felt which I thought was something you could only get from an “in class” yoga teacher.”

– Courtney, mom of Opal


Each day you’ll receive a quick (yet effective) 20 minute (or less) yoga practice that you can do from home along with a simple meditation or easy tool to calm your mind and reduce stress.

The challenge officially kicks off on October 21st.

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