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Online yoga that’s playful, loving, AND relieves stress.


online yoga that fits into your busy life

Quick effective practices to keep you strong in mind, body, and spirit.

you’re craving a different way to practice

You want all the amazing benefits of yoga in 20 minutes or less.

This is yoga for real women and moms. Supporting your mental, emotional, and physical well-being so that you can take care of yourself and your loved ones…without the stress.

we emphasize

✓ regular short practices, instead of weekly (or monthly) long ones

 yoga and meditation that relieves stress over fancy poses

Mindfulness and self-regulation for increased self-awareness and compassion

no fluff real practices that work in your busy life

yoga that is fun, loving, and kind

Featured Classes

10 Minute Yin with Pigeon and Twist

Looking for a way to release your hips and your busy mind? Pigeon is one of my favourite poses because it’s strong enough to keep you focused and breathing mindfully. I’ve also added a little bonus twist that will give your hips a little ZING!


10 Minute Gentle for Hips and Groins

This class helps prep your hips for Cobbler’s Pose through squats, lunges, and some deep groin work. You will love it…and feel it! I did. 🙂

5 Minute Flow Focusing on Hamstrings and Quads

You’ll do some sweet quad and hamstring stretches in this short video. Great for runners btw!

5 Minute Power Lunges, Heart Opening, and Core

This entire class is done in standing postures. You’ll build some heat and have fun in this fiery class!

I’m noticing I’m more patient with my son, even when he gets me up at 4:30am… also it’s great to be able to choose a practice that suits how my body is feeling or where I need the most stretch.

Tricia, Airdrie


what pies, yoga studios, and guilt have in common

I walked into the packed studio excitedly looking for a place to set my mat. Yoga Santosha was a big studio on the second floor with a full wall of windows that had the most glorious natural light. I LOVED teaching there. It could easily fit 50 or more students...

Touchstones and Valentine’s Day

I sat in my grey living room chair, set my timer down on the armrest, and closed my eyes. I sat up tall while gently opened my palms to the sounding of my meditation timer and took a few deep breaths to ground myself. Slowly I entered into the rhythm of breathing and...

The moms that save us

I walked into her kitchen and she looked at her coffee pot with coffee from earlier this morning and said, “Do you want a coffee? I can warm this up for you?” She offered me LEFT OVER coffee. This is a woman I could fall in love with. She wasn’t trying to put on a...

Tina has MADE yoga for me.

“My sanity, at the best and worst of times, is there because I have committed time to yoga and or meditation and Tina is the reason I keep coming back.”

– Larissa Beaudin, Registered Nurse, Regina SK


Highlight of my week!

“On a recent trip I took a yoga class and the instructor told me she could tell my practice was being led by a really good instructor. Tina’s classes are a highlight of my week and I am grateful for her guidance and helping me connect mind body and soul.”

– Amanda, Executive Director, Charitable Organization

Like being surrounded by a warm glowing light.

“Her strength and light find their way into your life through her classes, her quotes and her shavasana. Thank you Tina.”

– Nicky Jacobsz, Family physician, Sydney Australia

I wasn't so sure about online yoga...

“I instantly fell in love with insights, her openness and the kindness you felt which I thought was something you could only get from an “in class” yoga teacher.”

– Courtney, mom of Opal

ready to change your life?

You’re like us: you want yoga that helps manage the stresses of life not create more stress trying to fit it in. Join the online studio and see how it can change your life.