30 Day Yoga & Meditation Challenge

Start spring with more energy, aliveness, and calm in as little as 5 minutes a day.

Join me in an online yoga challenge to energize your body, feel more aliveness, and calm your mind in just 5 minutes a day!

Challenge starts March 1st

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just 5 minutes per day

You can do as little as 5 minutes a day. 5 minutes is realistic, which means you’re more likely to be consistent. And consistency leads to RESULTS.

complete the practices from home

You can complete the practices from home, any time of day – making it realistic for busy women like you.


You’ll be added to a team of loving women just like you to cheer you on, keep you motivated, and offer support and accountability so that you stay on track.

Join a loving community of women doing YOGA with QUICK BLISS YOGA to

 relieve stress build strength increase flexibility  improve posture  boost energy ✔sleep better ✔calm their minds 


What people say about Quick Bliss Yoga’s 30 day Challenges….

Biggest Benefit: Restful Sleep – absolutely love the Body Scan Meditation …


The biggest benefit is probably less pain in my lower back. Every day my husband encourages me to do my yoga.


I am feeling much more flexible Tina from a daily practice. Even my posture feels better.


Physically- My mobility and stiffness in my ankles and feet are considerably better.
Mentally- I can talk myself out of doing my practice for a good 20 minutes or more😂😂😂 More time than it actually takes to do it.
It has shown me that I can make time for myself even on the busiest of days.
Small consistent practices make a big difference. My team is so encouraging and accountability is key for me.


I am noticing a big difference from managing to do this maybe 3 times a week to daily. The more frequent activity is doing two things: my thoughts interrupt my meditation less frequently, and the daily activity has me feeling like I’m coming from a deeper, pure-er place throughout the day. I’m so glad I joined! ♥️♥️


I’m definitely able to be more patient with my kids and myself with these daily practice.


I am noticing my back is feeling better! Also it just feels good to do one thing for myself everyday and commit. I need the groups for accountability.


The challenge is helping me to develop this as a daily habit. Doing something that feels good for you body and your mind has a huge impact on your day, whether it’s to distress from a busy one or get centred and ready for a new one. It feels great and I love the support of my “team”. ❤️❤️❤️


Life has been hectic lately. Every day feels full to the brim and busy busy busy. The top of my to do list though? Yoga. Every. Damn. Day. And that is what has kept me sane and centred in the midst of my chaotic life.


I have major knee issues and the combination of yoga practice and meditation has helped to reduce pain and allow me to breath through the pain. Also I’m making time for me on a daily basis which feels amazing! The support from my group members has been great especially on the days I really feel like I don’t have the energy to take time for me.


Sleep is becoming more of a challenge these days which is frustrating cause I love sleep. So I find meditating right in the morning gets me out of my grumpy mood and back on track for the day. Physically, I have days I’m really uncomfortable so even taking 5 mins to stretch what I can feels really good.


I have been scheduling it in for as soon as I put my son down to sleep at night. I always feel like I have a million jobs to do and want to get right down to work but I just remind myself I have yoga scheduled. I usually start with 5 mins if I’m feeling stressed and sometimes that’s all I can get in but sometimes I feel so much better and I do more! It has made a huge difference for me and it’s been easier to fit in than I thought.


I loved having a group to hold me accountable it helped me so much! My lower back and hips feel so much better than they did a month ago!


Yes, definitely making time for myself and to just clear my mind. I’ve enjoyed the yoga, but I think the daily meditation has made a huge difference already. I feel calmer and more positive even when sh*t is going sideways!


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Meet Tina

Tina lives and works in beautiful Grand Forks, BC.

Tina has been a Life Coach, speaker, and a renowned Yoga and Mindfulness teacher for over 15 years teaching over 13,000 hours of yoga.

She loves creating yoga and meditation programs for busy women that are playful, loving, AND effective at relieveing stress so they can be the women and moms they most want to be.

Tina believes in compassion over perfection and is passionate about helping women love and care for their minds and bodies in the midst of their busy lives.