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Hi Lovelies,

I’m Tina…

As founder and Head Honcho of Quick Bliss Yoga, I provide yoga, meditation, and support to busy women and mama’s who:

  • Struggle to find time for self-care
  • Want to feel more calm, present, and ease in their day
  • Crave yoga and meditation that fits into their busy schedules

As a busy mom, for years my secret to being my best self (patient, calm, and present) has been short, regular yoga and meditation practices. 

Not only will you immediately feel calm and ease, with regular practice you’ll also start to sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase happiness and well-being.



Outside Quick Bliss Yoga, I can be found chasing my six year old son, sneaking in mini meditations, and spending as much time as I can at the ski hill (I’m a newbie at 43 years old!).

I’m so glad you found Quick Bliss Yoga!

Our message over here is:

This Will Only Change Your Life

Believing that self-care must be time intensive, expensive, or a weekly (or let’s be real…monthly) treat will never work. It’s time to break free of that cycle so self-care can be DAILY CARE (aka self-maintenance) to nourish your mind, body, and soul once and for all!


I struggled with PPD and PPA after the birth of my son. Short yoga and meditation practices were critical in pulling me out of that dark place. 

Once I started teaching yoga full time, I no longer had time to go to studio classes (because I was teaching them), and that’s when I started doing short daily practices. I know it works because I’ve been doing it for 15 years.

I never watch or edit my videos for awkward moments. If I did, I’d never post any of them because I’m kind of…well…awkward. I say silly things, my chocolate lab tries to get on the mat with me, and it’s real. So, what you see is what you get. Awkward moments and all!
I’m also a Life Coach and am obsessed with Positive Psychology, neuroscience, and finding short effective practices that relieve stress and anxiety in minutes a day…and this is how Quick Bliss Yoga was born!

Join the 5 Day Mind Body Reset

Because I love helping busy women like you find time for quick yoga sessions, I created a free 5 Day Mind Body Rest showing 5 yoga videos and audios you can do each day to: ​
  • Reduce stress while relieving tension in your neck, upper back and shoulders.
  • Help you get a great night's sleep so that you wake up renewed and refreshed.
  • Supercharge your day with a vibrant 5 minute morning practice to skyrocket your energy.
  • Learn the fastest way to lower stress and anxiety instantly.
  • Boost resilience, well-being, and self-awareness with this highly researched and easy practice.
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Tina Hnatiuk has been a professional yoga teacher for over 13 years with over 13,000 hours of teaching experience. She is passionate about helping her clients relieve stress, anxiety, and overwhelm through simple short practices that energize their bodies, calm their minds, and ignite their inner light.

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