Sleep SOS

Tina Hnatiuk · SOS For Sleepless Nights Add to favorites Sleep SOS Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and then your mind starts racing thinking about all the things, and you can’t fall back asleep? Me neither…just kidding! It’s too often...

How To Make a Bolster In Minutes

Add to favorites How to Make a Bolster at Home in Minutes Don’t have a bolster? In this video you’ll learn how to make one in minutes with things you have at home. Comments and...

5 Minute Yin Reclined Butterfly

Add to favorites 5 Minute Yin Reclined Butterfly This is one of my favourite variations and I do it ALL. THE. TIME. Why? Because it’s opens your shoulders and groins and is very relaxing. It’s a beautiful way to wind down a long day and it only takes a few...

15 Minute Gentle Knee Friendly Hips and Twists

Add to favorites 15 Minute Gentle Knee Friendly Hips and Twists If you struggle with hip openers because you have cranky knees, you will LOVE this video! You’ll learn my fave super knee safe variation of pigeon pose, rock the baby, and squeeze in a happy seated...

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