5 Minute Yin Forward Fold

[wpfp-link]5 Minute Yin Forward Fold This class is a 5 minute supported forward fold in caterpillar to open up the back line of the body. It is wonderful for releasing fascia along the entire back of your body and deeply restorative. I'll show lots of options and...

10 Minute Power Hips and LOTS of Core

[wpfp-link]10 Minute Power Hips and LOTS of Core This class has yummy deep squats mixed in with lots of core and plank variations. It's super sweaty and will definitely get your heart rate up while opening your hips!Comments and Questions

15 Minute Gentle Yoga Salad

[wpfp-link]15 Minute Gentle Yoga Salad This class has ALL the good things jammed into 15 minutes of delicious body moving goodness. You'll focus on neck, shoulders, groins, hamstrings, AND sides...and don't even get me started on how good you'll feel after!Comments...

My go-to’s in stressful times

Hey, Right now, I’m buzzing. Maybe it’s from the 2 cups of organic Earl Grey tea, or maybe it’s because I’m moving to another town in a week (Grand Forks in case you didn’t know), or maybe it’s because I’m getting ready to launch Mindfulness For Moms again soon....

10 Minute Flow in Seated

[wpfp-link]10 Minute Flow in Seated This sweet flow is done entirely in seated positions. You'll flow through opening your hips, sides, and hamstrings while maintaining heat through the vinyasa flows which will leave you feeling loosey-goosey wonderful!Comments and...

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