20 Minute Seated Flow

[wpfp-link]20 Minute Seated Flow You will love this class that is done entirely on the floor and we cover so much! You'll stretch your hamstrings, sides, groins, and shoulders as well as doing a sweet twist. It's perfect!Comments and Questions

15 Minute Gentle to “Undesk Youself”

[wpfp-link]15 Minute Gentle to "Undesk Youself" This practice will counter the effects of sitting by opening your neck, shoulders, chest, upper back and hip flexors. It is the perfect remedy after a day of work and your body will thank you for it!Comments and Questions

5 Minute Gentle for Shoulders and Upper Back

[wpfp-link]5 Minute Gentle for Shoulders and Upper Back This class starts with a standing sequence to open your chest, shoulders and upper back. Then you'll head to the floor for a bit more chest opening. This is an ideal class if you find yourself slouching from...

5 Minute Flow Forward and Back Sun Salutations

[wpfp-link]5 Minute Flow Forward and Back Sun Salutations This class will get your muscles warmed up while opening the front and back body through Sun Salutations. But not just any Sun Salutations! You'll move creatively back and forth on your mat to get a little...

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