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Yoga, the best gift ever.

Enjoy the gift of yoga that fits into your busy life all year, anywhere, anytime (especially at home).

AND you get to offer these same benefits to a loved one! Like a….

– A busy mom struggling to find time for self-care.

– A mother-in-law who’s too shy to go to public classes.

– A nurse who doesn’t have time to schedule long classes.

– The perfect gift for a teacher who could use some time to relax and relieve stress.

– A yoga teacher who would love creativity and inspiration for their own classes.

Buy a yearly membership for yourself, and GIFT yearly membership to someone you love.

When you gift someone with a year of unlimited yoga,  You are inspiring them to move thier bodies more this year. You are gifting them with moments of calm and steadiness. You are gifting them with a strong body, mind, and spirit, through self-care. These are the real gifts of a yearly membership. 


Buy a year to give a year

How It Works

If you’re new to Quick Bliss Yoga…

  1. Click on ‘Buy now!’
  2. After purchasing the yearly membership, email your receipt to
  3. I’ll send you a digital gift certificate that you can print off and put in an envelope or you can send as an email.
  4. Yippee! Now you get to do all the yoga you want and give a fabulous gift to someone you love.

Current Members…

Upgrade to a yearly membership by sending an email to and I’ll help set you right up!

**This promo is all about paying it forward, sharing with someone who is new to Quick Bliss Yoga. The gift is for new people only. 

This offer is only valid until December 31st 2020!

Online yoga classes calm your mind, heart and body and benefits so many people in so many ways.

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Buy a year to give a year

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