you can relax, I’ve got you covered!

As a mom myself, I remember how terrifying it was to be pregnant and suddenly have all these “rules” of what I could and couldn’t do anymore.

I remember feeling totally confused about was safe and if I was overreacting. I mean women have been having babies since the beginning of time, how could there be so many things to watch out for?

As a yoga teacher I’ve always known the contraindications of pregnancy, but it wasn’t until I was pregnant myself that I really understood what is safe, how to modify poses in a way that makes sense, and when to listen to my body when something didn’t feel right anymore.


this quick video series will walk you through exactly what you need to know to continue your practice safely.

We’ll cover all your burning questions like:

– How do I make postures more accessible to my growing belly and make space for baby?

– Are inversions okay?

– What postures need to be modified and how?

– How do I modify Sun Salutations?

– What about planks and chaturangas, can I keep doing them?

– Do I need to change my position in Shavasana?

Here’s what’s included…

All your biggest questions answered

An empowering 15 minute intro video that will walk you through the basics of yoga and pregnancy while answering the most common questions you may have of how to practice safely.

Quick easy to understand videos

Six 5-minute (or less) videos that break down the common poses in yoga that require alternative ways to do them during pregnancy such a twists and Sun Salutations.

Lifetime access

Lifetime access so that you can refer back to them again and again if you are expanding your family.