Yoga should evolve with you

I just finished recording 8 new videos this morning for the Quick Bliss Yoga studio, and one of the things I kept catching myself saying is, “Remember it’s not about getting somewhere, it’s about being here.” My practice has changed so much over the past 20 years when...

Things are a big deal…until they’re not

Have you ever not wanted to do the thing you know you need to do because it’s necessary to improve your life, job, relationship, or yourself? I walked into my house this morning after dropping Magnus off at Montessori with huge resistance. It was the chest tightening...

How to Create Habits That Stick

Simple? Yes. Habits are insanely simple and totally automatic. Easy to make or break? Not a chance. If you’ve ever tried to start a new habit, whether it’s getting up early or starting a new exercise routine, you know how hard it is to stick to. Sure, the...

Can this ONE thing give you more balance?

Is balance something that always seems elusively somewhere into the future? One of the simplest ways to achieve balance daily (because there will never be a magic moment when things will be in balance forever and ever amen), is to focus on the one most important...

Why Doing Nothing is Actually “Something”

I walked out of the kitchen yesterday after putting groceries away to find Magnus laying on the couch on his back staring up out the window. He had taken taken the cushion off and was laying on it with his feet over the back of the couch staring up into the trees...

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