So many great classes, made just for you. Tight shoulders or hamstrings? Want to relax and breathe over a bolster? Only have 5 minutes? No matter which class you choose, you are going to feel energized, calm, and at ease.

5 Minute Yin Restorative Legs

This is a perfect 5 minute reset, renew, redo for your day. It is deeply relaxing and restorative and you will feel amazing afterwards!

10 Minute Yin for Upper and Lower Back

This practice includes a little bridge as well as sphinx and a passive twist for some sweet back love.

15 Minute Yin for Anxiety

This video focuses on calming the mind and opening the heart through mindful backbends.

20 Minute Yin Quads and Chest Opening

You’ll relax into a reclined hero variation and a chest opening reclined twist in this sweet class.

5 Minute Gentle Core

This class is a basic core class which includes bear planks and side planks for your yoga-ing pleasure!

10 Minute Gentle for Hips and Groins

This class helps prep your hips for Cobbler’s Pose through squats, lunges, and some deep groin work. You will love it…and feel it! I did. 🙂

15 Minute Gentle Sides and Quads

Start this practice with one of my favourite poems from Mary Oliver and then stretch your sides and quads in a few of my favourite poses (like King Arthur!!!)

20 Minute Gentle Focusing on Sides and Twists

This standing practice focuses on side bending and twists, because side stretches LOVE twisting. The class starts with one of my favourite quotes from Jack Kornfield. I think you’ll love it too!

5 Minute Flow Rise and Shine

This vibrant class will shake off the sleepies in only 5 minutes!

10 Minute Flow Focusing on Shoulders and Hamstrings

This flow will open up the backline of your body as well as mobilize your shoulders in this sweet class.

15 Minute Flow Focusing on Balance

You’ll open your shoulders, hips, and hamstrings in this fun and challenging flow class! Even I topple out of a few of them. 😉

25 Minute Flow Yoga for Runners

As a runner myself, I know about yoga for running! This flow will get all your tight spots and make you feel great too.

5 Minute Power Upper Back and Core

You’ll be loving these three legged triceps push-ups and plank variations. I did!

10 Minute Power Focusing on the Back

In this class you’ll do some back strengthening, back bending, twisting and, of course…core!

15 Minute Power with Warriors, Squats, and Heart Openers

This 15 minute class starts with one of my favorite Arabic Proverbs and then proceeds to build stamina, strength, and sweat! You’ll love it.

20 Minute Power Focusing on Balance and Leg Strengthening

This class is full of fun transitions that will challenge your balance while working your legs. Oh, and of course there’s some fun core too!

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