Simple? Yes.

Habits are insanely simple and totally automatic.

Easy to make or break? Not a chance.

If you’ve ever tried to start a new habit, whether it’s getting up early or starting a new exercise routine, you know how hard it is to stick to.

Sure, the first few days are full of excitement and promise like the first day of school. Then, you realize you’re in a classroom full of jerks (aka your waning willpower), and you just want to go back to bed.

Yet, because habits are unconscious they are the easiest way to stay mentally and physically healthy.

You don’t think about habits, you just do them.

Why is that important?

Because guess what? Everyone is stressed. 

And when we’re stressed we are often too busy putting out fires to even THINK about what might make us feel better. We are just trying to get through our days.

That’s why is essential to be vigilant in our own self-care and make the initial uncomfortable push of creating the habits that will support us to be our best.

It’s no longer an optional mani or massage. It’s the small things, the habits, we do everyday that support our well-being the most. Like… 

– Choosing healthy foods.
– Maintaining our relationships.
– Getting outside daily.
– Moving our bodies everyday.
– Sleeping 7-9 hours a night.
– Taking breaks and lunch breaks.
– Getting some time to JUST yourself every week.
– Taking a few minutes of silence or meditation daily.

Of course this list could go on. And if this isn’t your normal, it could seem daunting. Like any new habit these take time to feel like second nature.

Improve your self-care now by doing this…

1) Write a self-care list. Either use the list above, or write your own self-care list, or do a combo. It doesn’t have to be perfect, or complete, but write something that you can refer to.

2) Choose ONE item. Which item could you leverage to make the biggest impact to your overall well-being to focus on for the next week? It’s overwhelming to do an entire overhaul by trying to do it…and dare I say,  impossible if you live in an ecosystem of a family. So,baby steps.

3) Make a plan of action. That means 2 things. First, decide what you want to do and how you’re going to do it. Then, ask yourself what are the obstacles that might get in your way? Tweak your plan as necessary so you can be successful.

4) Schedule that puppy in! Yes, all week. Write it in your day planner, your calendar, and put a reminder in your phone. Scheduling makes it real. We never “find” time, we make it. Don’t skip this step, it’s the most important one.

5) Keep repeating steps 3 and 4 each week. It takes on average 66 days to create a habit. Yes, I know it’s a far cry from the 21 we’ve been led to believe, but it’s true. Also, 66 days feels way longer to commit to than a week. So, start with one week and then rinse and repeat. Before you know it, it will feel like an integral part of your life!

Pro tip: Keep your list handy so you can slowly add new things to your self-care routine. It won’t take long for you to start feeling the difference, and once you start feeling better, it will keep you motivated to stay the course. 🙂

Lastly, tell me in the comments what you’re going to focus on and why. 🙂