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Success at Quick Bliss Yoga is about so much more than learning how to do a fancy yoga pose or getting a yoga bum. It’s about who you become along the way.
Click below to read real stories from real women and hear how their lives have
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I’ve grown stronger, braver, and more confident in yoga practice and beyond as Tina guides with a deep knowledge of yoga, a genuine interest in her student’s wellbeing and an engaging sense of humor.


Social Worker

Tina has a natural ability to make you feel at ease while teaching the core values of yoga. I took away something from every class and continue to learn from her teachings. Tina’s bubbly personality and keeping it real approach continues to inspire me.

Rhonda Comeau RCRT

Holistic Health Practitioner

I’ve enjoyed learning the practice of yoga from dozens of instructors in the past 20 years, but Tina’s classes are my favourite. Her classes are almost an art as she puts so much effort and doesn’t take a minute for granted. Tina’s class is the boost I need to get through the day or week!

Vanessa Beaupre

After many years of practicing yoga with you Tina, I just wanted to say thank you!  You are wise beyond your years, caring, funny, insightful, genuine and extremely knowledgeable; you know your stuff!  Beautiful inside and out. 

Janice Stefan

Glass Artist and owner of Sisters Stones and Glass

Tina’s style of teaching and her obvious love and passion for yoga cultivated my love and passion for yoga and ultimately my desire to become a yoga teacher.  I wanted the ability to give the gift of yoga to others that Tina gave to me and just this year (2018) I completed my 200hour YTT.  In my classes I model myself after Tina to provide an inclusive, safe and fun environment for those who have chosen to begin their yoga journey with me. The one gift in particular that I was given by Tina in all her classes, and which I have made a part of all the classes I teach, is taking a moment of gratitude.  I believe that this one small moment in Tina’s yoga classes helped make me a happier person by learning to be truly grateful for everything I have and turning it into enough.

Heather McLean

RCMP Officer

I instantly fell in love with insights, her openness and the kindness you felt which I thought was something you could only get from an “in class” yoga teacher. I wasn’t so sure about online yoga, but having my daughter prevented me from getting to class, and I was battling post partum anxiety, so I thought I would give it a try. I was amazed how much I loved it. Her cues made me feel like she was in the room with me. The flow of her classes was seamless. And I felt comfortable, not just because I was in my own home but because she made you feel okay with imperfection through words. Her yoga has given me the gift of yoga back, which is something I do for myself. It so easy to get caught up doing everything for others. Something that Tina frequently talks about is self-care and recharging. Its such a good reminder. I look forward to her classes and it’s nice because depending on my daughter I can access anytime and make it work for me. Also, my daughter who is 13months really likes seeing Tina on the screen, and they say kids learn the most from observation. So hopefully I am teaching her at a young age the importance of self care.

Courtney & Opal

Practicing yoga with Tina feels like being surrounded by a warm glowing light. Her strength and light find their way into your life through her classes, her quotes and her shavasana.

Nicky Jacobsz

Family physician, Sydney Australia

I can honestly say that Tina has MADE yoga for me. My sanity, at the best and worst of times, is there because I have committed time to yoga and or meditation and Tina is the reason I keep coming back. 

Larissa Beaudin

Registered Nurse

Tina has a wonderful way of incorporating laughter and fun with amazing yoga. On a recent trip I took a yoga class and the instructor told me she could tell my practice was being led by a really good instructor. Tina’s classes are a highlight of my week and I am grateful for her guidance and helping me connect mind body and soul.  


Executive Director, Charitable Organization

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