This is a journey

To shift your mindset

To align with purpose

To love yourself

To live your truth

To reconnect, remember, and…



it’s free.

This whole program is just for you, at no cost. There’s no catch. No trial run. No payment info collected. It’s my gift to you.

This program will never expire, and this gift stays up in its entirety all year long, for free, on the Quick Bliss Yoga Youtube Channel.

it’s a journey.

Choose to be disciplined about that. Arriving to the mat to begin will be the most challenging part. Get yourself to the mat each day to take a breath and together we will sort the rest. 

everyone is invited.

I made this for you. This series is designed for everyone. You can do this if you are a beginner or advanced. If you are breathing, you are in. 

There are modifications available (even for your cranky kneees). I’ll send you more on what to expect in an email after you sign up. I got you.  I am here to support you.

get curious.

Life is complex, and so are we. You’ll receive a daily email from me along with your practice. These will help us connect, go deeper, and notice how a regular practice benefits you off the mat and in your life.

reclaim the magic that is you

This program tells a story and creates opportunities for experiencing and understanding what it really means to reclaim your Self through yoga, neuroscience, and mindfulness.

To reclaim is following  quick simple practices to process, open your body, release stress, nourish your nervous system, reduce anxiety and boosting joy!

How it works:

Sign up for free to receive your instructions and free resources and goodies that will accompany and support you on your journey.

It’s never too late to create long term change. This is your invitation to move better, feel better, and reclaim the magic that you are all in under 15 minutes a day.

Let’s reclaim together. The journey starts February 1st.

Love you,


Reconnect, Remember, and Reclaim YOU!

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