Fall is one of the busiest and most overwhelming times of the year, and also one of the best times to start new healthy habits. To support you in your healthy yoga and meditation habits, I’m offering  you the biggest discount I’ve ever offered: 75% off your first month of Quick Bliss Yoga.

We need yoga and meditation more than ever these days, and we need it geared towards lowering stress, anxiety, and overwhelm…because there’s a lot of that going on right now, am I right?

And although you may be at home, you may not have an hour to practice, especially if you’ve got littles that are home with you.

Quick Bliss Yoga is the only online yoga specifically designed for busy overwhelmed women and moms. The yoga and meditation classes are all 20 minutes or less (they come in 5, 10, 15, or 20 minute lengths) so you can actually fit them into your day and all focus on relieving stress and anxiety.

Here’s what Quick Bliss Yoga can do for you:

It can (and WILL) lower your stress levels, sleep better, and increase your happiness without having to leave your house so that you can finally feel like yourself again: energized, connected, and present in as little as 5 minutes a day even if you’re overwhelmed, exhausted and have no time.

Here are just some of the things you get when you decide to invest in Quick Bliss Yoga:

A simple easy to use membership site with over 100 videos and audios (with 2-3 more added weekly) so that you spend your time actually DOING a yoga practice instead of trying to find one.

Yoga and meditations geared towards busy overwhelmed women to instantly feel calm, present, and at ease using my special sauce of expert instruction, Mindfulness teachings, and a decade of coaching stressed women.

AND it is the ONLY online yoga that provides a private Facebook group to connect, receive special trainings, do group challenges (with prizes!), request classes, and tonnes more to help you provide motivation and accountability so that you establish the habit of daily practice while having fun too!

Oh! And we do regular 30 day challenges in the Facebook group to help establish a daily practice while supporting your mental and emotional well-being. You will LOVE it!

*all prices are in USD

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