Restmas Yoga and Meditation Advent Calendar

Get a month of specially curated

  • Nurturing and restful yoga classes including restorative, yin, and gentle yoga that are all 15 minutes or less.
  • Breathwork to relax and calm your mind and heart.
  • Meditations to calm your mind, cultivate gratitude, and help you sleep.

*Buying this for someone as a gift? My, aren’t you a good friend! Here’s how you do it:

Fill in the information below as yourself EXCEPT for the email, username, and password which you will fill in for the lucky gift participant. For example, if you are Lisa and you are buying this for Chloe, fill in all the relevant payment and billing information as yourself. Then when you get to the part asking for the username, password, and email, you will put in CHLOE’s info like this:

username: Chloe

password: somethingeasyforchloe

email: ch*********@em***.com

Then after you purchase send Chloe an email letting her know how amazing you are for being the best friend/daughter/mother/sister ever with the password you created for her!

If you have any issues at all feel free to email me at ti**@ti*********.com and I would love to help you out!

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