I just had a really good question on one of the videos in the Quick Bliss Yoga studio and realized that you might have them too. So here the question and my response: “I did this (20 Minute Gentle Rise and Shine) this morning and enjoyed it. I have my right knee replaced so not able to do everything. My balance is not great yet either . I am definitely a starter. What would you suggest I do in those times ?”

Hi Brenda, thanks for the comment, and I’m so glad you asked! Here’s my suggestions: For your knee, your mobility will likely be restricted in the standing quad stretch and the squat. In the standing quad stretch (the one before dancers pose which is the balancing posture), you can use a strap to allow you to “hold” your foot with enough space to allow for your range of motion, and you can keep the strap here as you move into Dancer’s pose. In the squat, I have a few suggestions and you can try them out to see which works best for you. – You can roll a towel up to place behind your knees which will give you support and prevent your knees from bending too far. – You can sit on a bolster with as many pillows as you need to prop yourself up high enough to allow you to get into the squat while supporting the depth. – You can limit how far you go, so instead of going into a deep squat, just go as far as your knee comfortably allows. You can also try a combination of these to see which works best for you. The most important thing with knees, is no pain.

As for balancing, like any skill it takes time, and even with time (in my experience) sometimes it depends on the day too! Here’s a few tips in the meantime: – Focus on spreading your toes, feeling into all 4 corners of your feet (balls, baby to side, and 2 sides of the heel). Ground more deeply into the big toe mound for extra support. – Balance also requires mental focus. Find one thing to look at that isn’t moving, and focus on regulating your breath to keep your mind and body steady. It might also be helpful to stand close to a wall or support that you can lean into and over time move away from as you gain more confidence. Let me know what you try and what works best for you! <3

This is why I love the comment section on the videos and this is another great way you can use them. Because the comment is under the video I could see right away where her challenges might be and provide appropriate variations for each pose.

Do you have any other questions about poses, modifications, or anything else? I’d love to answer them for you! Comment below with your questions and thoughts. I love nerding out on yoga stuff and love helping you get the most out of your practice even more!